Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eat Every Other Day Diet Book - What You'll Find Inside!

You may have heard about the Eat Every Other Day Diet book, but do you really know what makes it different than your typical weight loss program? Other than the fact that that this program has a much higher success rate than a lot of other diet programs out there, the concept of the Eat Every Other Day Diet is to eat foods that are rich in protein on one day and then eat high calorie foods the next.

What this does is confuse your metabolism to work harder and when you are eating high protein foods, it helps you're body even more to work harder to burn fat. So on days when you are eating the foods you love, your metabolism is working harder to burn up the calories. Now on days when you eat light and protein rich foods, your body is burning those calories at the same pace as the previous day. This ultimately helps you lose weight without having to follow a strict diet!

This is why The Eat Every Other Day Diet book has been successful for so many people since 2004 and has many testimonials to back it up. Along with a moderate exercise plan to follow, one that isn't too extensive (taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work could be considered part of your routine) and following the plan lined out in the Eat Every Other Day book, you will begin to shed off pounds while finding yourself settling into new good habits at the same time.

By the time you have finished the diet you will have created a better lifestyle routine where you eat healthier and exercise more--without spending countless hours at a gym or starving yourself with low calorie diets! To succeed with The Eat Every Other Day book, you need to dedicate yourself to changing your lifestyle and eating habits just a little bit (every other day) to see real results. After a few months, you will thank yourself for not giving up!

For more information on how you can lose that unwanted weight while still eating the foods you love -- Click Here! With so many success stories and an unconditional money back guarantee, there is no reason not to check out the Eat Every Other Day Diet book. You have nothing to lose but pounds of fat.

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