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The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide by David Zinczenko

"The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide" by David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief of "Men's Health" and the author of the New York Times bestseller "The Abs Diet," is a good little book to assist with making the right food choices. If you are not familiar with Zinczenko, you are probably familiar with his newer book series. The "Eat This, Not That" series has become very popular, including his newest addition to the series, "Drink This, Not That." This book is a portable companion to Zinczenko's larger "The Abs Diet" written with Ted Spiker, and it is similar to the "Eat This" books in that it provides "on the go" food choices and has parts that show which foods to eat over other choices. This was the original "Eat This, Not That" guide.

There is a quick introduction regarding the Abs Diet. Then there is a two page Abs Diet cheat sheet, and a one page success story. Chapter one then discusses why your weight is not your fault. Enemies such as high-fructose corn syrup, tans fat, saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates are discussed. There is also a little on your metabolism and your friends protein, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, fiber-rich carbohydrates and calcium.

Chapter two covers the Abs Diet power twelve. The twelve principles that make up the diet or eating program. (12 main foods or food groups) The chapter goes over these and why they are what you should eat.

Chapter three focuses on the six steps to lifelong leanness: Eating six meals a day, eating around the Abs Diet Power 12, Drink smoothies regularly, stop counting, watch what you drink, and go ahead, cheat. Chapter four then lists an Abs Diet grocery list to help you shop for healthy foods. I liked that he includes a short bit on reading labels.

Chapter five has 25 Abs Diet breakfasts. Chapter six contains 25 lunches, and Chapter seven has the dinners. Easy, quick dishes with the basic nutrient values included. Chapter eight has 27 smoothie and snack recopies, while chapter nine focuses on eating out and provides information on the foods you will find in many restaurants, including fast foods. Chapter ten contains some guidelines to survive the holidays.

Chapter eleven has a little on working out, and then the book concludes with a few frequently asked questions. The book contains some good information regarding food choices, and if you follow "The Abs Diet," it is a good companion. However, it is not as engaging as the "Eat This" books. This book has no pictures, no color, etc., like those books have. This book contains solid information and is a good guide, it's just not as attractive a package as the others. If you have all the newer ones, you might not find this one as useful, however, if you only have the original "Abs Diet" book, this is a good companion.

Alain Burrese, J.D. is a performance and personal development expert who teaches how to live, take action, and get things done through the Warrior's Edge. Alain combines his military, martial art, and Asian experiences with his business, law, and conflict resolution education into a powerful way of living with balance, honor, and integrity. He teaches how to use the Warrior's Edge to Take Action and Achieve Remarkable Results. Alain is the author of Hard-Won Wisdom From The School Of Hard Knocks, the DVDs Hapkido Hoshinsul, Streetfighting Essentials, Hapkido Cane, the Lock On Joint Locking series, and numerous articles and reviews. You can read more articles and reviews and see clips of his DVDs as well as much more at and

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What You Will Find in Dr Simeon's Book "Pounds and Inches"

Dr. Simeon, the first man to use and promote HCG for weight loss, provides a detailed diet protocol you are supposed to strictly adhere to if you want to eliminate excess weight at a rate of one to two pounds a day. The original diet guide is found in his book entitled "Pounds and Inches". The book serves as a sort of master blueprint for people wishing to lose weight. Any deviation can cancel out whatever you have achieved and can even set you back to square one.

The diet strictly limits calorie intake to not more than 500 a day. The original daily menu as formulated by the Doctor will definitely present a lot of difficulties for dieters. For breakfast they are not supposed to take in any solids. Coffee or tea without sugar and only one tbsp of milk allowed within 24 hours period. For lunch there is 100 grams of meat stripped of all traces of fat, or fish (with exception), one type of vegetable, fruit and one stick of bread. You cannot do anything with the meat and fish but broil or grill. You are to have the same food as you had for lunch but you can have some variety by choosing other kinds of meats, fishes, vegetables or fruits.

The prescribed diet is enough to make dieters, who must be used to stuffing themselves full with all sorts of foods, cry contemplating the hunger fangs they are sure to experience. It's the good thing the diet guide provided in the book included a three day load- up period. During which is set to start simultaneous with the first daily HCG ingestion, dieters are allowed to eat -calorie rich foods - as much as they can. The purpose obviously is to lessen the hunger fangs during the diet period proper and stock up on energy-boosting fats in preparation for calorie starved days.

The book "Pounds and Inches" also describes diet phases. There are two, not counting the load-up period; the 500 calorie a day diet to last 72 hours after the last HCG ingestion and the maintenance period. In the latter, some starch and fats are gradually introduced in the diet but under close supervision. Just about all kinds of foods are permitted except for fast foods and heavily processed foods.

To get free videos and guides about pounds and in inches please visit right now for free information.

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Alleviate Inflammation Using a Balanced Pregnancy Diet

Can a proper being pregnant eating habits truly diminish as well as banish popular pregnancy complaints? Medical doctors a lot more are saying, "Yes!"

A good diet program throughout being pregnant has often been deemed important to wellness of new babies and mothers. Now emerging study is displaying a strong link among diet program for pregnant ladies along with a at ease nine months of gestation.

Bruising and Being pregnant

A single in the most frequent being pregnant complaints is bruising. It can array from minor to very severe and also the wellbeing consequences might be equally as ranging. Virtually all expectant mothers' knowledge "normal" swelling which can be moderate to mild. Approximately 7% of pregnant girls, nonetheless, expertise major bruising in the hands, feet, neck and face, which marks a potentially life-threatening complication termed toxemia.

Great Eating habits through Being pregnant to Decrease Puffiness

Mothers who eat a proper being pregnant eating plan report fewer situations of bruising from either cause: usual having a baby bloat or toxemia. Selected food items are regarded bruising triggers. Frequent offenders are sodium-laden processed meals and colas, especially diet cola. Being pregnant naturally improves the body's sensitivity to bad high quality foods. It frequently shows its protests in outward signs and symptoms like bruising.

Definitely, the biggest support would be to pay close attention to some wholesome having a baby diet, but food is not the only cure. Read on to locate various other components that will result in a proper and delighted pregnancy for mom and baby.


Getting ample amounts of sleep, preferably positioned around the left hand side, which aids healthful circulation, will decrease bleeding. Purely taking a break and having off the feet periodically through a busy day can have a marked impact.


Salt is just not always the negative guy. Acquiring too much or too small salt increases edema or bruising. Eating foods produced from scratch at household and adding salt to taste generally fixes this difficulty.

Salt, more specially the sodium component of salt, is hidden in massive quantities in prepackaged meals of all sorts. This involves several brands of bottled drinking water! It can be greatest to steer clear of convenience-packaged food items so salt content material could be controlled.


Numerous are the virtues of protein in the course of pregnancy, but incredibly couple of females know that protein consumption can avoid puffiness. The news gets even greater since some studies suggest pregnancy diets high in protein may not just avert swelling but toxemia as well.

Acquiring Ample on the Correct Drinks

Dehydration is another typical bring about of bruising. When the body does not get satisfactory liquids, it retains what water it does have, leading to bruising. Water is the greatest source of hydration.

Steer clear of other drinks like juices, sports drinks and particularly diet plan cola. Having a baby reacts badly on the diuretic influence of sodas. Eating habits colas also include caffeine and sodium, which are each recognized to exacerbate puffiness.

Isabel De Los Rios, nutritionist, exercise specialist, author and profitable company owner has unlocked the secrets to healthy weight maintenance not just for living but in the course of the specially important time of being pregnant.

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Isabel De Los Rios: The Weight Loss Master You Should Trust

The increase of internet users also comes with the increase in all sorts of offers for losing weight. What separates The Diet Solution Program authored by Isabel De Los Rios? Why is it successful if so many other diet programs fail to succeed in their promises? Here are the facts behind this weight loss expert that made a huge diet buzz in the web today.

What Is The Diet Solution Program All About?

The Diet Solution Program is not any other diet program with the usual offers you frequently encounter every day. The program does not only focus on eliminating that excess weight but it also comes with certitude for a healthier body, increase in overall strength, and a better outlook in life.

The author offers you a step by step guide to incorporate her own principles that have been very effective with thousands of people. She also offers her own suggestions of varied food recipes, meal plans that allow you to eat what food you prefer and still continue to shed weight, shopping lists to get you buying the right kind of food, and so on.

Why Should You Trust The Author With Your Diet?

Isabel De Los Rios dedicated a significant part of her life to come up with this diet program. Her motivation was fueled by her own life challenges in the past. She, like thousands of other people, struggled with weight loss. There are just too many diet programs out there that boast different diet techniques and yet none seem to work long term. Another factor that drove her to search for that ultimate diet solution was her mother's own battle against diabetes.

Isabel De Los Rios therefore, led by these two life changing situations, is now a nutritionist and exercise expert for over 10 years. She helps clients reach their specific weight loss goals and assist in maintaining them. She is also a trusted professional on helping people with diabetes, heart problems, and those with high cholesterol.

Her educational background is on Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Her own weight loss problems in the past left her to genuinely sympathize with other people that suffer the effects of being overweight. Her years of work experience with all sorts of people on the other hand made each of her principles deep-seated and extremely fundamental. All the information from her diet program is backed with science as well as true-to-life situations - this is a lethal combination if you yearn to have the best and most effective diet program.

Is This Program The Right Choice For Weight Loss?

Yes it is. The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios deserves your time and effort in the battle against weight. 20,000 people and still counting testified to have reached success over weight loss, gained control of their diabetes, reduced their symptoms of heart disease, and experience a lower body cholesterol with the program's guide. It comes with a credible author and her 15 years of study, research, and extreme dedication to eradicate weight loss. Indeed, the best weight loss deal out there.

For more information, check out Isabel de los Rios at for this trusted author of The Diet Solution Program who can help you to lose weight.

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Weight Loss For Dreamers!

Losing weight is not the stuff of rocket science. It's not hard, it's not confusing, it's not complicated. It's basic management of fuel in, fuel used, fuel stored. If we ran it like a business, we'd know it's about tracking and manipulating inventory levels, supply and demand patterns so we don't accumulate more than we need or consume.

Can it be any easier? Doubt it, so why is this simple concept so challenging to consistently apply? Is there anybody who doesn't get that if you consistently eat more than your body needs to maintain itself with or without exercise, you gain weight? Or if you eat less, you lose weight? For sure we all get it but we just can't live it.

Must be fuzzy math somewhere because it doesn't add up that owners galore screw up the spectacular orderly system of the human body and can't get the bottom line right. It's borderline cruelty and an abuse of personal power that ignores checks and balances for boom and bust behavior. Real dreamer action.

Your life is not about fuzzy math. It's about an honest to goodness banking system at its best. Deposit versus withdrawal equals balance. Still, for the diet dreamer, it's a maze of oblivion.

Who else but a diet dreamer steps on the scale after weeks of overeating, nibbling, mindless snacking and chocolate binges and is shocked to see a 35 pound weight gain! Oh, my! So our dreamer goes on a diet determined to lose it and in 4 months, its gone. Our dreamer feels fabulous, looks wonderful and believes dreamer will never go back to fat again. Am I right?

Yet despite the euphoria and new confidence, old habits die hard. Slowly but surely, our dreamer's old cravings, temptations and cave-ins return. Still, dreamer clings to the hope that this time is different and somehow, magically, the diet changed the person.

Our dreamer doesn't register that this 35 pounds is last year's 35 pounds and the year before that and the one before that too. Our dreamer keeps repeating next diet please; gaining and losing weight, expecting different results while doing the same things dreamer has always done.

A dreamer keeps repeating familiar habits. A dreamer wants different results without changing actions. A dreamer knows yet ignores that unless you change the things you do, nothing changes. Dreamers think magic diets, pills or potions will trim, slim and do the deed called change. Will dreamer ever wake up and learn?

Dreamer's ignore the history of all their diets and the lesson common throughout; diets never do, never have and never will change a person. Diets stoke perpetual hope that dreamers can skip over the change key and not deal with the issues wrapped in food. Nice try but no cigar.

Time to wake up, shake up and graduate your status. You are the "P" in the word power; the person who makes miracles. No one outside you can. Only you can change you.

Upgrade the idea of power as something you get to something you are and absorb it as you accept ownership of your influence. Choices are yours to make no matter the tide pulling you. Once you are on board with accountability, your power rises bringing new awareness, new responsibility, new ownership.

"If it's to be, it's up to me." Help yourself to power build by choosing differently, minimize the temptation, plan alternatives, delay and diffuse urges, discover what works, avoid actions that wound, switch or substitute activities, set boundaries and keep yourself acutely aware of people, events, environments, table talk and routines that both hurt or help you. Learn to accept who you are by knowing who you are, completely. Pay attention and lend yourself a helping hand.

See and accept the futility of diet dreamer behavior and write yourself a happy ending starting today. Ask yourself what you want to get out of living differently? What's the end game to changing the way you live your life now? Make a real difference to yourself, act smartly.

"What would my life feel like and be like if I was in control of my eating?"

"What actions will help me feel better and where can I start?"

"What improvements can I commit to today to cut down my calories?"

Design a fluid self-help routine that works with your life every day. You know all the issues around eating and what foods are not in your best interest. Cut them out; reduce or substitute. You can give up the little things for big gains every day. Drop the sodas, slash sugar intake, limit salt, restrict bread and potatoes, ration gravies, sauces and dressings. Get them on the side and drizzle it on yourself.

Don't let restaurants or social venues control you, order everything on the side. Do baked over fried or sauteed. Use your brain power and work with your moods and personality as only you can. Some days are more difficult to negotiate food choices than others and that's okay because if you don't behave your best today, you have tomorrow's choices to do better. You possess the power of choice and it's been with you all along. Choose power over dreamer.

My best to you.

Rosemary Hershey

independent writer

Rosemary invites women who want to lose weight and end the diet trap to read a free chapter of "Diet-Bailout". Why? Because it gives tools, tips and techniques to find the magic formula to live life on your terms.

Find your triggers to overeating, your elusive driver, that insatiable hunger you keep trying to fill. Re-purpose all of it and get happy with life and with yourself. For mature women only who want diet-freedom and happiness, get your how to chapter now by visiting:

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My First of 3 Free Reviews on How to Burn the Fat

Your Body! How to Pin-point those fatty areas.

The majority of people I talk to want to lose the belly fat more than anything else. Then theirs the other areas of the body that needs consideration as well. So the big question that every one is asking is where do one start to make these changes in their lives? What are the best methods to accomplish these feats?

Well when we consider our genetic back ground we can find a lot out about ourselves. For one thing as we consider our relatives for instance we look at (mom or dad,uncle Joe or aunt Mary) and we do an analysis what is there body size and bone structure make up,we have to look on both sides of the family tree. Now we begin to get the point. what kind of food do we eat is it a balance meal or is it mostly fast food. And also we need to keeping in mind that we all are born with a certain amount of fat cells that are there for a reason. So its important to understand that we cannot eliminate them totally. But what we can do is shrink them, which some people like to refer to as burning the fat.

The best way to rid ourselves of the fat around the midriff, thighs really our whole body for that matter is to start lowering our overall body fat percentage. In other words we need to watch our fat intake.

In my next article I will talk about the different kinds of foods and diets that will help burn off the fat.

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The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Review

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook by Lyle McDonald has become quite popular on the internet so I decided to do a little review on it and put in my 2 cents. As the title reads "Rapid Fat Loss Handbook" you guessed right if you thought the book was about losing weight quick.

The book is pretty much about crash dieting your way to weight and fat loss. This can be very unhealthy, from both a physiological and psychological point of view and I'm glad Lyle warns his readers of that at the beginning of the book. If it weren't for the fact that he continuously warns against crash dieting as a long term fat loss plan throughout the book I would've thought the book to be dangerously misleading.

His goal with this book is to teach his readers how to crash diet in a way that doesn't negatively affect the health of the dieter.I like the fact that he discusses the difference between weight loss vs fat loss as it seems that everybody's hung up on losing weight without realizing that weight lost doesn't always translate into fat lost. Depending on how that weight is lost it can consist of lost fat, water, or muscle tissue. And neither of the latter lead to a more attractive look.

The theory behind the book is based on a "protein-sparing modified fast" recommended by surgeons to patients who needed to lose weight quickly before surgery. Surprisingly the handbook has sound advice on how to follow such a crash diet safely. He advices against heavy exercise until you go back to eating normally, and if you hadn't been working out to begin with he advices you not to start a workout routine until after the completion of the diet. These crash diets can be very stressful on the body and because of that strenuous work of any kind is contraindicated.

On multiple occasions he reminds the reader that a crash diet is to be done exactly as the book describes and that one shouldn't under any circumstances stay on a crash diet for long periods of time due to the negative health implications of doing so. Something I found respectable was that he discussed the "bounce back" or "yo-yo" effect that these crash diets can have. Most authors of "crash diet" type books don't normally do this.

So It seems that many people gain the weight back soon after going off these kinds of diets. In the book Lyle discusses ways to transition back into a more normal eating style while still keeping the lost fat and weight off.

All in all I think it's a good read but when it comes down to it. The best fat loss program is one that is sustainable for the long term and one that actually empowers you to feel not only good about your body but to feel good on the inside as well. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is not that program.

Having said that it's a good read and for those select few that need this type of resource(athletes that need to make weight, ladies wanting to lose weight before a wedding) and are willing to do it right this is a good book.

I must say though proceed with caution. Most people are interested in the quick fix at the expense of their health. People that don't exercise moderation and don't follow Lyle's guidelines in the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook could end up in some sticky waters as far as their health is concerned.

Sammy is a no BS, straight-to-the-point fitness fanatic who tells it like he see's it. Read more about Rapid Fat Loss and a whole lot more over at The Fitness Chronicle

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