Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pounds and Inches, Dr Simeon's Blueprint For Eliminating Weight

In the book Pounds and Inches, Dr Simeon, the English Physician who first introduced HCG for weight loss, discussed the general causes of obesity, the basis for recommending the HCG hormone and specific detail of the program - its protocols and expected results.

Dr. Simeon's colleagues may have agreed with Dr. Simeon's observations about the causes of compulsive eating which leads to obesity but few agreed with his recommendation to use the HCG hormone for solving weight problems. In fact even now more sixty years after the book was published and after probably thousands of people have benefited from the hormone, some health professionals are still not entirely convinced. They claim that there is practically no scientific supporting the usefulness of HCG in eliminating weight.

In his book, the Doctor described in great detail the protocols of carrying the weight loss program. You will find out that the program has to be carried out for at least 26 days, granting that you are able to perform the injection everyday for 23 days. For women the period may have to be extended since the instruction specifically says that there cannot be injections during menstruation periods. You are probably wondering why 26 days when injections are only scheduled for 23 days. The extra 3 days or 72 hours are allotted to complete the diet which is plays an important role in the program.

The diet the book recommends is simple yet not so easy to follow. It sets daily calorie intake of 500 calories or below. The Doctor did not like the thought of dieters doing the program through a hit or miss manner and to prevent such, he formulated a diet recipe which dieters can just follow throughout the duration of the diet. HCG websites can provide you a copy of the original diet or you can read portions of the book Pounds and Inches related to the diet. Some websites also carry the complete book. It is definitely best to hear about the diet straight from the horses mouth.

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