Saturday, 21 January 2012

Shed the Pounds With These Diets That Work Fast

In your quest for diets that work fast, you probably want to find a diet that will help you lose weight as quickly as possible without starvation and the pain that goes with it. There are definitely some quick working diets available to help you shed the pounds, some good and some bad.
So, before you choose, you have to really figure out how much you want to lose and how quickly. Is it 10 lbs in a month? 50 lbs in 2 months? Figure this out first and then you can pick which diet is best for you.
Below are some popular diets that work fast:
  1. Atkins - we have all heard of this one. You basically cut out all carbs and eat whatever proteins you can. Proteins are things like meats, eggs and cheese. There really is not much restriction on how much you can eat as long as you stick to proteins. This diet also allows you to eat basically any kind of meat, including bacon and hot dogs. So, while not the most healthy diet, it will cause you to lose weight quickly. However, be aware that you will most likely gain your weight back with Atkins because you can only take so long eating chicken, beef, bacon and other meats. If you don't mind losing the weight and then gaining it back, this diet could work for you.
  2. South Beach - just like Atkins, this is another popular diet. South Beach, however, takes a little more healthy approach than Atkins. In this diet, you do severely restrict your carb intake, but there are certain carbs you are allowed to have. One issue with South Beach is that it is very detailed and there are a lot of rules to follow. Additionally, if you have a somewhat busy life, eating the recommended foods can sometimes be a challenge.
  3. The Grapefruit Diet - this diet, also known as the Hollywood Diet, claims that grapefruit has special "powers" that when combined with protein, create a powerful fat burning process. Unfortunately this has never been proven. The diet does work, however, because of the low calorie intake and water loss. When you go off the diet, you will gain the weight right back.
  4. Simple Fat Loss - this is a relatively new diet system that is gaining popularity fast. The creator of the diet lost 120 lbs in 5 months and claims that you can lose as little or as much weight as you want in a very short period of time.

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