Saturday, 28 January 2012

Weight Loss For Dreamers!

Losing weight is not the stuff of rocket science. It's not hard, it's not confusing, it's not complicated. It's basic management of fuel in, fuel used, fuel stored. If we ran it like a business, we'd know it's about tracking and manipulating inventory levels, supply and demand patterns so we don't accumulate more than we need or consume.

Can it be any easier? Doubt it, so why is this simple concept so challenging to consistently apply? Is there anybody who doesn't get that if you consistently eat more than your body needs to maintain itself with or without exercise, you gain weight? Or if you eat less, you lose weight? For sure we all get it but we just can't live it.

Must be fuzzy math somewhere because it doesn't add up that owners galore screw up the spectacular orderly system of the human body and can't get the bottom line right. It's borderline cruelty and an abuse of personal power that ignores checks and balances for boom and bust behavior. Real dreamer action.

Your life is not about fuzzy math. It's about an honest to goodness banking system at its best. Deposit versus withdrawal equals balance. Still, for the diet dreamer, it's a maze of oblivion.

Who else but a diet dreamer steps on the scale after weeks of overeating, nibbling, mindless snacking and chocolate binges and is shocked to see a 35 pound weight gain! Oh, my! So our dreamer goes on a diet determined to lose it and in 4 months, its gone. Our dreamer feels fabulous, looks wonderful and believes dreamer will never go back to fat again. Am I right?

Yet despite the euphoria and new confidence, old habits die hard. Slowly but surely, our dreamer's old cravings, temptations and cave-ins return. Still, dreamer clings to the hope that this time is different and somehow, magically, the diet changed the person.

Our dreamer doesn't register that this 35 pounds is last year's 35 pounds and the year before that and the one before that too. Our dreamer keeps repeating next diet please; gaining and losing weight, expecting different results while doing the same things dreamer has always done.

A dreamer keeps repeating familiar habits. A dreamer wants different results without changing actions. A dreamer knows yet ignores that unless you change the things you do, nothing changes. Dreamers think magic diets, pills or potions will trim, slim and do the deed called change. Will dreamer ever wake up and learn?

Dreamer's ignore the history of all their diets and the lesson common throughout; diets never do, never have and never will change a person. Diets stoke perpetual hope that dreamers can skip over the change key and not deal with the issues wrapped in food. Nice try but no cigar.

Time to wake up, shake up and graduate your status. You are the "P" in the word power; the person who makes miracles. No one outside you can. Only you can change you.

Upgrade the idea of power as something you get to something you are and absorb it as you accept ownership of your influence. Choices are yours to make no matter the tide pulling you. Once you are on board with accountability, your power rises bringing new awareness, new responsibility, new ownership.

"If it's to be, it's up to me." Help yourself to power build by choosing differently, minimize the temptation, plan alternatives, delay and diffuse urges, discover what works, avoid actions that wound, switch or substitute activities, set boundaries and keep yourself acutely aware of people, events, environments, table talk and routines that both hurt or help you. Learn to accept who you are by knowing who you are, completely. Pay attention and lend yourself a helping hand.

See and accept the futility of diet dreamer behavior and write yourself a happy ending starting today. Ask yourself what you want to get out of living differently? What's the end game to changing the way you live your life now? Make a real difference to yourself, act smartly.

"What would my life feel like and be like if I was in control of my eating?"

"What actions will help me feel better and where can I start?"

"What improvements can I commit to today to cut down my calories?"

Design a fluid self-help routine that works with your life every day. You know all the issues around eating and what foods are not in your best interest. Cut them out; reduce or substitute. You can give up the little things for big gains every day. Drop the sodas, slash sugar intake, limit salt, restrict bread and potatoes, ration gravies, sauces and dressings. Get them on the side and drizzle it on yourself.

Don't let restaurants or social venues control you, order everything on the side. Do baked over fried or sauteed. Use your brain power and work with your moods and personality as only you can. Some days are more difficult to negotiate food choices than others and that's okay because if you don't behave your best today, you have tomorrow's choices to do better. You possess the power of choice and it's been with you all along. Choose power over dreamer.

My best to you.

Rosemary Hershey

independent writer

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