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What You Will Find in Dr Simeon's Book "Pounds and Inches"

Dr. Simeon, the first man to use and promote HCG for weight loss, provides a detailed diet protocol you are supposed to strictly adhere to if you want to eliminate excess weight at a rate of one to two pounds a day. The original diet guide is found in his book entitled "Pounds and Inches". The book serves as a sort of master blueprint for people wishing to lose weight. Any deviation can cancel out whatever you have achieved and can even set you back to square one.

The diet strictly limits calorie intake to not more than 500 a day. The original daily menu as formulated by the Doctor will definitely present a lot of difficulties for dieters. For breakfast they are not supposed to take in any solids. Coffee or tea without sugar and only one tbsp of milk allowed within 24 hours period. For lunch there is 100 grams of meat stripped of all traces of fat, or fish (with exception), one type of vegetable, fruit and one stick of bread. You cannot do anything with the meat and fish but broil or grill. You are to have the same food as you had for lunch but you can have some variety by choosing other kinds of meats, fishes, vegetables or fruits.

The prescribed diet is enough to make dieters, who must be used to stuffing themselves full with all sorts of foods, cry contemplating the hunger fangs they are sure to experience. It's the good thing the diet guide provided in the book included a three day load- up period. During which is set to start simultaneous with the first daily HCG ingestion, dieters are allowed to eat -calorie rich foods - as much as they can. The purpose obviously is to lessen the hunger fangs during the diet period proper and stock up on energy-boosting fats in preparation for calorie starved days.

The book "Pounds and Inches" also describes diet phases. There are two, not counting the load-up period; the 500 calorie a day diet to last 72 hours after the last HCG ingestion and the maintenance period. In the latter, some starch and fats are gradually introduced in the diet but under close supervision. Just about all kinds of foods are permitted except for fast foods and heavily processed foods.

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