Sunday, 22 January 2012

5 Day Diet Bootcamp - Day 4

Develop a routine that includes reflection and gratitude. No matter what's on your plate, realize and reflect on your blessings and the fact that in this moment, you are alive. A lot of folks who were around yesterday, are not around today so if you are reading this, count your blessings.

When you've fallen off the diet wagon or are trying to resist temptation and don't succeed, step back and treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. Show concern coupled with the understanding that old habits die hard. Your eating profile stems from what's eating you. You need to agree that for now, it's just the way it is, but it doesn't have to stay that way. There's a lot you can do to examine your feelings for clues to repair what isn't working in your life.

Instead of calling yourself names and feeling guilty, try thinking about what change really means. Change means learning about yourself, deciding who you are and who you want to be and then taking action to fulfill yourself. Change is a time linked process with incremental swings up and down along the way so don't resist the rules of the road in reshaping your behavior. Give yourself knowledge, patience and practice.

Try mantra work and reinforce your intentions daily. "If it's to be, it's up to me." "Who will I be today, victim or conqueror?" "Does this action move me closer to my goals or further away?" "Does this make me happy?"

Say yes to reviewing your life storms and conflicts, beliefs and influence traps, and use that knowledge to relationship build with yourself to change your world. Identify where and create small changes in your lifestyle that will make huge differences in how you feel. And its all about feelings and what drives you to eat.

That skill is already in you. It's big, it's powerful and it's waiting to be activated in every moment. Your moments of power will set you free, if only you practiced it. Its not okay to beat yourself up no matter how many times you fall off the food wagon. This is an old, worn, tattered and painful pattern that will not release you easily yet it will crumble to your moments of power over time, if only you would stay the course. Be relentless working on yourself.

The course is love and acceptance of everything about you as expressions of your life, like it or not. If you want to change what you don't like, you can. What would it take? What would that change look like and how would it make you feel? Where could you begin the process? What one action can you agree to that will make you feel better?

You can re-set your boundaries, yes. "This is not acceptable behavior any more", you can admit disappointment, yes but you cannot disrespect your dignity by calling yourself names and ugly labels.

More constructive is reviewing what you were feeling, identifying feelings from within so you can help yourself relieve it, change it and create better outcomes next time. If you're stressed and stress drives you to food, how can you cut down or relieve the situation that is ruling you?

If you feel overwhelmed, unclutter your life. Review activities and learn to let go of whatever isn't working. If you can't let go completely right now, then work to alter it and change its dynamics so it's impact is more agreeable, more livable.

Can you avoid environments that weaken you, at least for now? Can you agree to examine activities that tempt you? Or friends who bring you down? Look for toxicity in your life because if something is not working for you, it's working against you.

Will you eat only at the table, not in the car or on the phone or watching t.v.? Outfox yourself. Do something that will help you, think about it, find it and try it. And then take the action of a friend and open yourself up to possibilities that will change your life.

Look for the feelings that drive your behavior. Identify the lesson of cause and affect? Would a change in environment give you a different outcome? Could you avoid something or someone and get different feelings that support your emotional needs and don't drive you to eat? What? Decide and it will change you one action at a time and give you room to allow the natural learning curve new habits require, time and repetition.

Remember, everything you once didn't know took time and practice to learn.

If you overeat or have a difficult day, reject negative labels and judgments. Silently counter, "No, I don't want to be this person anymore who talks down. I won't beat myself up anymore." Then switch the program and force feed positive. Tell yourself often that you are learning new skills, new thoughts, new behavior. Change takes time. Change is a process and you are in that process doing your best. And if you didn't do your best today, you've got right now to try again. Right now is always a new beginning that can bring a new result.

Work on one positive influence you can have on yourself today. Change one situation, resist one temptation, put down one urge, one small step in victory. Decide on one new habit to start today.

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