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Diet Mission Statement

What is your life about? What is your mission? Where do you find meaning in how you live? Your diet, your weight, your eating habits, what do they say about you? Do you know and do you like what it says?

You can write or rewrite your mission intentions using the free Mission Statement builder at See it as your personal love letter to yourself and describe the life you want because somewhere somehow you dared to dream it and it's waiting where you left it all those years ago, for your return. Go find it. Give it expression through form in your mission builder; print it and keep it with you.  It's personal, belongs to you and you need to have it handy to remind, refresh and review the calling of your heart.

With your mission as your base, you can set goals.

"I can teach anybody to get anything they want. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want."  - Mark Twain

How can you get where you want to go, how can you bring your mission to fruition, unless you know where that ideal is and what it looks like? You need a plan.

Describe what your success looks like and what it means to you. Yes, you want to lose weight but have you asked yourself why? Deep down, it's much more than wanting to look good, agree? How about wanting to feel good like in self worth, value, self esteem and recognition. You're valuable and you want to feel it, except nobody..not even yourself, tells you.

How will valuable make you feel? Or whatever your success represents.

What will it bring you that you don't have now? Why do you want it?

Start with the big picture of your life. Is your life working for you?

Are you in or out of harmony with what's important to you? Do you know what your power buttons are in your life and would it help to clarify?

The following exercise can be done on paper or in your computer. List 6 headings across:

Hot power buttons Value to you (1-10) Working for you? (1-10)  3 Mo Goal/6 Mo./9 Mo.



Family life

Love life





Social life

Spiritual life

Self confidence/self worth

Personal growth

Your body/weight

Physical condition


Mental health

Fun/pleasure activities

Independence your own

After you score these values,  you can identify where your life storms might be that are not giving you what you want so you can evaluate what to do about it. You need to know what it is you want and ask yourself how you can make it happen. Where and how can you  make improvements in whatever is not working to get your scores up and feel better.

Example, if your health is important and you are sedentary, overweight, eat high fat, high cholesterol, high sodium, sugar packed and junk foods that poison your system, dulls your spirit and clutters your mind,  you're in conflict and out of alignment.  How does living this way serve you?  It doesn't. So next time you stare longingly over a triple cheeseburger with bacon, ask yourself: "Will this cheeseburger help me live my values and feel better about myself or move me into chaos, pain and punishment?"  "What do I want?"

Look at your life and identify discomfort.  Think who and what flat out doesn't work for you, brings you stress, frustration, loss of control and feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

Write it down. Identify trouble. Look at the reason something or someone brings you down or complicates your life because these issues rule behavior and beg for relief. That comes with eating You need to put your house in order, heal it or leave it. Remember, if something's  not working for you, it's working against you. Once you identify and accept areas where something's got to give, you can strip off small segments and begin the work of change. Divide big issues into their smallest parts and plan how, when, where and which way will be easiest to initiate improvement and relief.  If what you try doesn't work, so what?  Try again.

Try small actions to make small improvements in situations and outcomes. Once you bond with the momentum of change, you can't return to helpless. You know where the power is, with yourself, and how to use it best. Dramatic and drastic changes will stir up resistance from yourself and others because it's seen as threatening to the status quo, safety and security of what is known.

So keep yourself aware of resistance and talk yourself through it to minimize its effect on your efforts. Don't let resistance throw you off your game. Start small and keep yourself in action doing whatever works in your best interest. Always remember that small hinges swing big doors. One change leads to another. Can you call on friends or family for help and support?  What about reading self-help and highly motivational books or listening to CD's? What specific changes in your lifestyle, friends, relationships, activities, choices will help you reduce frustrations, enhance self esteem? Keep your eye on the prize, your life and how you live it.

Simply identifying and writing action steps with goals moves you in the right direction.  Reflect and decide what's comfortable and achievable in 3 months and then closer to 3 months, work on 6 months, and again later on, set 9 months.  Remember to be flexible and open minded because life takes us forward and then back again as part of the learning curve of growth. We move forward and then fall back into old patterns, the difference being with intention and attention, you will recognize it, accept it and use it as a learning tool. Your direction is what counts, moving your life towards your mission, your goals, making your life work and having fun cultivating it.

When you activate your role as facilitator of your own resources and say yes to managing your responses to good and not so good, then the fight of resistance ends. You accept what is even if you don't like it and get on with living the best life you can. You may flounder and even fall to old habits  but you pick yourself up, accept it, review it for lessons learned  and recover by starting again.

You become your friend and hold a different view of yourself. Abuse will not be tolerated, not by you, through you or from you.  No one can trash you from the outside in or drive you to abuse yourself, not any more.  Cause there's power in awareness, you've found it, unleashed it and it's yours.  Where you take it and how far you cultivate it is up to you,  but your metamorphosis to wholeness began with discovering friendship,  self respect and self-love of your tenacious and indomitable self.

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Rosemary Hershey

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