Friday, 27 January 2012

A Common Sense Guide to Weight Loss (Part 2)

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 Portion Control - Lots of people can't lose weight even when they  think they are eating healthy because they simply don't realize how much food they eat. If you're only eating healthy food but you're eating triple the amount that you should be eating you won't lose weight. Portion control is crucial to weight loss success. Keeping a food diary is a great way to keep track of how much food you actually eat every day.

Breaking bad habits isn't easy - If you have battled your weight for many years you have probably picked up some very bad eating habits. Giving in to cravings, denying yourself meals, picking the wrong types of foods to eat or eating when you're happy or sad or bored or lonely are all bad habits that people pick up through the years. It's tough to break bad habits.

Not exercising - If you think that you don't need to exercise to lose weight if you watch your calorie intake, think again. Controlling your calorie intake will help you maintain your weight but if you want to lose weight the only way to burn calories is through exercise. Adding a few aerobic workouts that last more than 30 minutes per week can make a big difference in how much weight you lose. You have to be committed to changing your behavior for good; not just for a few weeks or a few months if you want to lose weight and keep it off.


 Dieting is no fun. Most people will fall off their diets within a week. Those that don't fall in that first week usually fall within three weeks. That's because most people set themselves up to fail when they start a new diet by falling into one or more of the most common pitfalls.Recognizing these common dieting pitfalls and how to avoid them can mean the difference between staying on track with your diet or falling back into your old, unhealthy eating patterns.

Making radical changes to your eating habits - This happens all the time on diets, especially fad diets. If you go on a diet where you can only eat fruit, or only eat protein, or you must cut out all of one of kind of food it will be very difficult for you to stay on the diet. When you make changes to the way you eat you should make them gradually. If you make an extreme change to the way you eat and you do it fast then you will deprived and you will start to crave foods, making it more likely that you will go off your diet.

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