Friday, 27 January 2012

The Diet Solution Program Review: The Truth Exposed

You probably know how hard it is to try losing weight. You go on crash diets, exercise until you can't feel your extremities, and still you end up with disappointing results, if any at all. It can be so discouraging sometimes, but you should not give up. It just might be time to look for something beyond the usual weight loss material.

Enter Isabel de los Rios masterpiece, The Diet Solution Program. This great program is not just your usual book advocating exercise and eating right. This book actually guides you through the steps you need to take to get your diet under control and pushing your body towards a fitter and healthier state.

Some of you may be familiar with the name Isabel de los Rios from the book "The Flat Belly Solution". She wrote that book with the intention of helping women get that sexy flat tummy. However, The Diet Solution Program is a unisex program, so men can get in on it too.

The primary mechanism that The Diet Solution Program works with is something called "Metabolic Typing". This is a process by which a person uses a set of criteria to determine what type of metabolism they have, and eat accordingly. This has to do with how our body deals with different macronutrients; namely, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Unlike other diet programs that have you forsake carbohydrates, this program stresses that carbs are not your enemy. It is not the carbs themselves, but the amount and quality that you consume, which will depend on your metabolic type. Taking in too much protein and too few fats also does not work simply because your metabolism may be different from other people.

The idea is that if you eat the right kinds and ratios of macronutrients, your body will be more efficient at turning it into usable energy. This means you can eat less and still feel full, you do not get hungry quickly, all while avoiding excess energy being turned into fat cells. Since different people's metabolisms handle these macronutrients differently, thus the need for metabolic typing.

One of the things that makes this program sell so well is the 60 days' worth of "Completely Done For You" meal plans. These meal plans are nutritionally balanced, and include the right amounts, so you just have to prepare and eat them. No worrying about exceeding your calorie cap for the day or some such.

What may be more interesting to hear about is a portion of the book called "14 Days to a Sexy New Body", a quick-effect phase that you can use if you need to shed a few pounds within a couple of weeks. You can get both short-term and long-term effects with this program, so needless to say this is highly recommended to anyone looking to achieve a healthier and sexier body. Note that while the Basic Package has all the essentials, the Platinum Upgrade package has some very nice bonuses and add-ons that you might not want to pass up.

For more in depth information, check out The Diet Solution Program Review at today. Make sure you also check out the background information on Isabel de Los Rios for further information.

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